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Edward Wiest

In most cases (subject to distance and one's comfort level with a given location), I believe that the client's home or place of business is the best place for initial or follow-up meetings. One advantage of making "house calls" is that the home or place of business is likely to be the place where many, if not most, relevant documents are stored. Being at that place enables the lawyer to see any document he/she deems vital without delay and to conduct an evaluation of whether one's own clients' document production will be problematic long before a demand is made.


I hope everyone who reads this understands what great advice you gave. Wow!

It is so refreshing to hear a lawyer recognize the power of collaboration and appreciate the flexibility in meeting clients in a way that works best for all parties. Forcing clients to meet your demands only limits your ability to get new clients.


Andrew Flusche

Chuck, this is probably my new favorite post on your blog. Excellent advice!! And what a multitude of suggestions!

As for me, I now rent space at a local "co-working" facility. For $175/month, I can reserve the conference room as much as I need it. And I can drop in anytime, find an available desk or chair, and work away. It's a great option for all home-based professionals. It includes wi-fi, printer/copier/fax, coffee, soft drinks, etc.

I did coffee shop meetings before the co-working facility opened. It worked out pretty well, but the coffee machines can be pretty loud sometimes. And I spent a decent amount of money on coffee. :)

Centennial CO Office Space

I agree with you. Working from home is a luxury that decreases expenses, but it has its drawbacks when it comes to meeting with clients. I learned that there are some companies that rent out day offices and rooms just for when you need to meet with a few clients. This could really help give a more professional appearance and put clients more at ease. The one company I know of that does this is Execu-Center in Colorado.

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