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    The opinions expressed in this weblog represent only the opinions of the author(s) and are in no way intended as legal advice upon which you should rely. Every person's situation is different and requires an attorney to review the situation personally with you.
    Charles (Chuck) Newton is licensed to practice law in all courts in the State of Texas, the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, and all United States District Court and Bankruptcy Courts in the State of Texas.
    This weblog does not create an attorney-client relationship. Such a relationship can only be accomplished by execution of an agreement between Charles Newton & Associates and a prospective client.

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I am an attorney. I am the father of four. I am married to Jane, a beautiful woman and lawyer. I am the keeper of the family beagle. I believe in the benefits of the Third Wave. And, I work with my wife out of our home office.


Welcome to my virtual law firm and my blawgs (legal weblogs) and websites.

My law firm and I are different from most law firms you encounter.

My law firm does not maintain a traditional office or offices that most consumers typically associate with law firms. We have no waiting rooms for clients to cool their heals, no reception area in which to be ignored, no meeting rooms for client visits, no file room in which to lose files, no law library, no messy private office for the firm’s attorneys to hide. We have no walls to hang our licenses and diplomas, no rec room to chat with staff over coffee and donuts, and my firm’s shingle hangs from no building. Look in any phone book and you will see no yellow page ad for my firm. If you were not in need of my services you would not even know my firm and I exist. My firm and I go about our business from where we are..whereever we are...everywhere we are. The attorneys in my firm simply refuse to be confined by time, space and the restrictions that a typical law office employs. There are no palace guards keeping you from the attorneys in my firm. I answer my own phones, read and respond to my own email, faxes and mail. I maintain my own schedule.

How does my law firm and I accomplish such a thing?

We try to be the king of the Internet. We use email, Internet telephony, Internet faxing, electronic case filing, and Internet research, both to and from computers and other devices. There is virtually no one that cannot be reached, and no document that cannot be received or delivered, by phone, fax, email or (if no other alternative) mail any place in the State of Texas or the world. My law firm and I believe that staying connected allows us to tear down the barriers that keep us from our clients and their objective.

I am licensed by the State of Texas to practice in all state courts. I am licensed to practice in all United States district courts and bankruptcy courts in the State of Texas. I am also licensed to practice in from of the United States Court of Appeals, Fifth Circuit.


my newest interest is blawging; figuring out how to run a virtual law firm without any visable facilities; movies buff; love old tv shows and murder mysteries; listening to the old crooners using internet radio; sneaking outside food and beverages into th, i suffer from mal-tuition). oh, good hamburgers, chili, ice cream and yellow cake with chocolate icing, bbq, apparantly earning and paying college tuition for my wonderful children. (yes, and don't forget about tex-mex, hot dogs, fried chicken, tomato soup with lots of crackers, just to name a few. man-oh-man, i love that stuff (a little too much).