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Jamie Parks

I agree Chuck, most law blogs blow when it comes to making graphics or other layout decisions. Quite frankly, many lawyers seem to get caught up in the 'wording' of their blogs and end up missing the mark when it comes to aesthetically presenting the data in a digestible format.

What's so awesome about the blogging community is that there are all types of blogs out there. So if you see a certain area on a blog that you really like or would like to implement into your own blog, never hesitate to ask the blogger. I've found that many bloggers are very open to answering questions on how they achieved a certain look on their site. One shouldn't be surprised to find out that many blogs are actually pieced together DIY style over time. Re-mixing is really what design is all about. Sure strive for originality but a wheel is a wheel - usability is the key - then its all about being found, and that's where word of mouth comes in... So yes, if you want to be found and talked about you might want to go look in the mirror and brush your teeth once in a while. But hey, every one knows consistent quality content rules the roost in the end - no matter how ugly you are.

On a side note, in regards to not blogging at all - I say take the leap regardless of your design skills! Things always look bare and awkward in the beginning. Don't be afraid, as time goes on your blog will evolve and flesh out. IMHO, The hardest step when I first began blogging was the first step - GETTING STARTED. After your first couple of posts hold on tight b'cuz it's gonna be a life changing ride!

Chuck Newton

Jamie, thank you for your response.

The problem with a rant is that one point is often emphasized over the other in a response. It is to be expected.

Although I do have a problem with stylistic issues, I am willing (and often do) overlook these if the blog is meaningful and has interesting or useful information. (After all, I understand that some poeple like the style I've chosen for my blog and other do not). But, most lawyer bloggers do not blog, and when they do they are often not saying anything.

So you say, fine, that's their business, and I agree. My point is what was the purpose of the blog in the first place. If it was to make you an authority in the area and, hence, to attract business, you have not only failed, but you have probably converted someone that out of chance might have retained you anyway if not for your bad image.

The image issue is not as much the image of the blog (for I have seen some pretty bland blogs do some pretty amazing things), but the overall image that the lawyer is putting out there. It is fine to have a bland blog but good, solid content. But, most lawyer bloggers have neither. The post little and they post bad. Apart from the visual image, that leave a bad impression. My little rant wanted to remind them that in this Internet age, in this Third Wave environment, that this blog of their's represented the first impression people have of them as a lawyer. So why waist it.

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