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Nathan Dosch

Great post as always, Chuck. I had to reread this one a couple of times because I missed the part where your discussion of UND was taken from an exchange with one of you readers. I thought for a minute that your alma mater was UND. My interests were piqued for two reasons. One, I am a native of North Dakota and I attended undergrad for two years at UND. Second, I am a graduate of Marquette Law School, which seems to teeter on Tier 2 or Tier 3 status with the U.S. News folks. The point is UND is a great school. The bar passage rates and placements stats support this fact by emphasizing, what should be, the main objective for aspiring lawyers. Plus it is one of the most affordable options out there for a quality legal education. My experience with Marquette is not much different. It will continue to be pushed down the list for reasons that are beyond me, but the truth is I could not be happier with my selection of law schools. The truth is we are not all motivated to be Harvard or Stanford type students. Just as we are not all motivated to be Big Law attorneys. The choice of law schools is the most important decision that a future lawyer can make. You are right it is not easy, but I would strongly encourage anyone entertaining the law school option to completely ignore the law school rankings. They mean less than nothing at the end of the day and it will save you the cost of buying the magazine.


Less than nothing is correct. The time and effort wasted paying any attention to the rankings is a negative. That is, you have less when you are finished than when you started.
I attend UND LAW. I like it. Very good school.


Great post. I am a recent UND Law alum who passed the bar exam in Indiana (on the first try) and I now have a great, satisfying, and well paying job at a law firm in the South Bend, Indiana area. My student loans are lower than many of the Notre Dame law graduates that I have met and I am making the same amount of money as many of them. I know Notre Dame is raked highly in the US News rankings but it didn't mean anything in terms of my bar passage and my finding a job in a Notre Dame regional market area. I find the whole ranking system silly and misleading.

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