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Marc J. Randazza

Correction, i am not a Mass School of Law student!!!!

I am a graduate of Georgetown Law, a member of the Mass. and Florida bars, a practicing attorney, and a law professor!!!

Chuck Newton

Sometimes while riding the Third Wave we make mistakes in identifying people. When we do, we own up to it. If I had read Marc Randazza post more carefully, I would have noticed that he was a graduate and not a law student. I have changed the post to reflect this, and so as not to insult anybody.

Dane Dowell

I am a graduate of MSL and I think the school is wonderful. I knew how to practice law upon graduating. The school teaches its students how to do everything from client intakes to appeal. Literally, we drafted complaints, we battled each other in Motions arguments, we served our fellow classmates with discovery requests, responded to their discovery requests, conducted depositions, used the information obtained during discovery to draft summary judgment motions, and we tried those cases!! For the criminal classes we did motions to suppress, bail hearings, probation violation hearings, and trials. Furthermore, and like other law schools, we drafted appellate briefs and argued appeals. My particular trial team placed third in the regional trial competition. I also passed the bar exam on the first try due to a bar preparation class that the school mandates at the end of the academic curriculum. In all, MSL is an excellent institution.

Irwin M. Pollack

Massachusetts School of Law is the best. If you want to learn the law, go to BU, BC or even Suffolk. If you want to learn how to be a good lawyer, go to MSL. Best three years of my life!

David R. Morton

I am an American businessman domiciled in Taiwan for the past ten years. I recently received MSLAW's Catalogue and was impressed that the LSAT bears no weight in the admission decision process. After reading the school's catalogue, I was also impressed by the faculty qualifications, especially in regards to articles and publications in their respective areas of law. This school seems to truly cater to non-traditional students (I'll be 58 next spring) and offers an "inviting" not "predatory" environment for older prosepctive students like myself.
When I return to New England to finally "settle down" I'll scoot up to Andover for a look..........keep up the good fight! The future looks promising!

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