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Seth R.

I enjoyed UW quite a bit. The price is right, the small town is quite friendly for law students with young families, and there aren't a ton of distractions in town (which is both good and bad).

There's plenty of outdoor recreation available. And shopping in Fort Collins to the south is just a 45 minute drive. Easy access to government internships in Cheyenne, and the legal community is so small and tight-knit, that getting your degree at UW is almost a must if you want to live and practice in Wyoming.

If you're hoping to practice anywhere other than Wyoming though, you'll have your work cut out for you. Colorado firms just don't seem to be particularly impressed with the school, and when I was there two years ago, career services was doing almost zero outreach toward the Colorado legal community. Everything was focused in-state. Likewise, there was little contact with the neighboring Salt Lake legal market. Both Denver and Salt Lake markets are unfortunately saturated, and a Wyoming grad is going to have to work to get noticed. Which isn't fatal of course, but keep it in mind.

But I do think the quality of education you get in Wyoming will be just as good as you'll get anywhere.

Just watch out for the Wyoming Bar Exam. It's one of the most difficult in the US with a heavy emphasis on state-specific law and the arcane fields of Oil and Gas law, and Water law often making an appearance. Just knowing common law stuff is a great way to fail the Wyoming Bar.

Oh yeah, the weather is downright brutal. 7 months of winter average.


Fantastic School from which I carry and abundance of fond memories. When I attended the students were pretty tight with each other and were genuinely interested in the success of their classmates.

Wyoming allows third-year law students to argue cases before the Wyo Supreme Court. When I interviewed for my first job, I had more appellate experience than my interviewer.

I moved to Iowa right after graduation and had very little difficulty getting interviews or offers.

Sadly, I desperately miss living in Laramie and seeing the mountains. I hope to make it back that way one day.

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