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hither and anon

Prospective students: from someone who has seen this place first hand and speaks in truth and without rancor, I can say with certainty that there is no reason to go to AMSL. Look up avewatch.com and fumare.blogspot.com. Compare with Incense's blog noted above, and consider these points:

1. Don't go to a fourth tier school. It's a waste of your time even if it's free. If you can afford AMSL, go to a better school. If you need a scholarship, take a partial scholarship at a better school in the second or third tier, or just take the loans on the chin and go to a first tier school. You'll make it back in the salary difference later.

2. AMSL is imploding under the mass of its own stupidity. It's hemorrhaging qualified professors who don't want to ruin their careers, its objective numbers are plummeting into the toilet, and your job prospects will be nil. The administration is so colossally inept that the school will probably lose accreditation along with the current court cases. One was filed by a former financial aid director who was fired in reprisal for telling the DOE about mismanagement of funds. The other was filed by former professors who were fired for notifying the ABA about violations of academic freedom.

3. AMSL's administration will lie to you. Admissions especially. They will use you and then cast you aside. Ask the alumni, ask the dozens of professors and staff who've left to avoid the administration's toxic mismanagement, and they'll tell you exactly the same thing.

4. The administration's talk about the Mission is B.S. The community does not come from the dean and his doubletalk...it comes from the professors and the students. And the community dedicated to the Mission is all but gone. AMSL is not about defending the dignity of the human person or exploring faith and reason in the law anymore. Now it's about its primary benefactor's Gyrene pipe dreams.

Chuck Newton

I post about law schools and I always seem to get a few emails or comments as to each from people who do not care for the school for one reason or the other. The same is true for Ave Maria. I can tell you that in the case of Ave Maria I have received far more private emails from students and former students who care for the school and appreciate the opportunity the law school has provided to them. They email me, I suppose, because they wish me to know but they do not wish to broadcast. I have received a number of comments on Ave Maria that I have not allowed to post. That is not typically what I do, but I have found them to be non-insightful, uninformed and often just filthy. There is obviously those that are disgruntled in every law school. If it is readable, you as my reader deserve to read these if they are constructive, whether I agree with the comments or not. But, we are not going to allow inappropriate comments. Those that are disgruntled are mainly so because the school is moving from Michigan to Florida. I understand this. But, say so. As for the last comment, I can personally tell you that there is no better opportunity per se from attending a 3rd Tier law school as opposed to a 4th Tier law school. I would not say that Ave Maria is hemorrhaging professors. There are some disgruntled professors who have problems with the school, starting with the school relocating. But, what is a disadvantage of some is an opportunity for others, and that is what I have written about. As for the mission of the school, it would seem that you can say what you want, but ultimately someone's generosity has allowed many from around the country to attend attend an accredited law school and in most cases they have provided the law student a good deal of money to do so. It is beyond me what other guarantee the law school can offer. You want to be a lawyer or you do not.

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