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I have just run head first into this myself - I was just turned down by Kaiser (after being covered by them through my employment or someone else's for 20 years).

Tackling the problem from an economic view, I think this can be viewed as a basic problem of demand racing ahead of supply. I think if we, as a country, are serious about solving this problem, we need to find ways to encourage more bright college students to choose medical school.


(1)Some of the bigger bar associations offer health insurance to their members. For example, the Multnomah County Bar Assoc. up in Portland offers insurance; any atty in Oregon can join that bar association for a nominal fee and sign up for the insurance (so can staff, I think). You might check with the larger cities in Tex for their bars and see if they do the same; (2) the ABA offers health insurance; (3) Costco Executive Membership offers health insurance; (4) secondary trade association -- sometimes offers health insurance through the group.

Actually, I contacted an insurance agent (none of the providing doctors from any of the above was in my immediate area -- altho one of the local attys does use the Mult. Bar insurance), and got a bid for office coverage for a group of ONE. The coverage is better than major medical only and not as good as some....price is established as a result of the average age of your group. I.E., my office mgr. , 37, got $500 deductible, cost to office was $328.50 for medical, plus Rx plus vision....$38 for the best dental plan we could get.


Understanding that health insurance was never intended to put out as much or more funds than you put in, perhaps you could purchase a health savings account and pay for your general health care with your own savings account and save the insurance for anything over the deductible. The savings account is an active investment account, and the difference is not having to run your money through the insurance company before you have to pay it out to a physician.
I don't think that insurance companies are very good corporate citizens anyway, very much like casinos, and I give them only what I must. My monthly is about $75 or $80 a month and my deductible is $5000, but I have quite a bit more than that in my medical savings account. I write a check out of the account for a doctor bill. It's a compromise, like everything else. Of course it may not be for everybody.
Good luck.

Peachstate Attorney

Ditto going the health savings account route. It's another tax deduction, and after hubby or I reach our deductible each year, we have 100% coverage. The key is being comfortable with the deductible.

I believe one solution to our nation's health insurance debacle is to use the HSAs, and achieve independence with our health care, just as we have with our vocations.

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