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sandy dorsey

For those of us folks that have bad balance and could/would fall and hurt ourselves on this contraption..are these companies ready for huge law suits in this case? OR is the main focus of this thing not only to get folks skinny but the weed out the older folks and/or those with balance issues?
Sure, something should be done about the over weight ..but not this..because as it stands:

Had a school teacher I know suggest that this obsession with "everyone is suppose to be THIN" ..look alike, be alike, think alike, and so on..is nothing more than a different slant on an old idea..(Hilters arian race thing..where everyone was suppose to be white, fair skinned, blonde haired and blue eyed..
Meaning..we are no better in our forcing everyone to be thin ..EVERYONE..than Hitler was in his arian race thinking..

Treadmills Fitness

A research conducted at the rehabilitation institute of Chicago revealed that after 6 months, patients in the treadmill exercise group improved their walking ability significantly, both off and on the treadmill and also saw improvement in their quality of life and overall cardiovascular health.


I don't think this has much to do with an obsession with being thin; I think it has more to do with lack of movement during the day and with the high levels of inactivity for those with office jobs. Poor circulation, sleep problems (the inactive don't sleep as well), back problems, etc. are all linked to sitting on your butt for 8 hours a day (usually followed by several more hours at home). I created my own workstation with this type of idea in mind and some help from Home Depot and found that it really made a big difference. Suggesting that people wanting to be less inactive is comparable to Hitler-esque thoughts is... well, a little crazy. It says more about your state of mind that, to you, activity is linked to weight loss (as opposed to health) than it does about society.

Treadmill Robert

Employees who want to use these are being told that OSHA has forbidden them out of fear of injury. Most buyers are home workers. We don't sell them at http://www.treadmill-world.com, but would like to. It is true that some people have difficulty using a treadmill and thinking about using a treadmill at the same time.

UK Treadmills

Yup, I would definitely end up on my butt several times a day using one of those! I've used one of the small pedal bikes which you can fit under your desk before and that was distracting enough (not to mention making your legs and rear-end ache really fast) but at least there wasn't a balance issue with those. That deck looks really short too, all very much like an accident waiting to happen...

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