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Kenneth Hoffman

What type of phone system are you using?

Chuck Newton

I eventually went with Vocalocity for my virtual PBX and auto attendant. You can make it as simple or complicated as you would like. I tried to go with OneBox, which I thought might suite my needs, but they would not port a number from Vonage. I think I know why -- it was a terrible experience. I like Vocalocity because they charge you one monthly amount for all incoming and outgoing voice. This includes a fax number. Incoming faxes are emailed to you in PDF and outgoing you simply email to Vocalocity in PDF. It is cheaper than services like Efax and there is no charge for outgoing. I do not fax much anymore, but with a scanner it is godsend. Some companies charge by the minute for all calls going to your auto attendant and then by the minute as well on the transfered call to your phone, or some variation of this. I like to know what my costs is going to be. I do not like to feel like I need to rush people off the phone because of cell phone like billing fears. My firm presently has three attorneys working in different locations. So, they call our main number, and they can press an extension to get to any attorney they wish. I can also transfer the calls I receive to another attorney in a different location. If no one answers, it goes to voicemail which is sent to me automatically by email as an MP3 attachment. I just used my ugly old voice on the auto attendant, but I think you can pay to have a "professional voice" record your messages. I do not call out on Vocalocity, but you can. When hitting my extension it transfer to my Skype or cell phone, or both, depending on how I have it set up. I no longer maintain a land line, and I no longer pay for expensive telephony. One thing I like about Vocalocity is that they conduct an online and over the phone training session every business day at 4:00 p.m. EST that you can join in. You can take your phone off moot at any time and ask a question a they review the system. Too many of these telephone companies believe they explain things adequately when they do not, or believe I know more than I do. This was very helpful for me.

Steven Schifano

I run my business on my cell phone. Voicemail destroys that illusion and sounds really unprofessional. Found this company at RingAlice.com that kills your voicemail, replacing it with a person who takes your unanswered calls. Really revolutionary, has that personal human touch, and sounds very sophisticated for $30.


We just signed our company up with Vocalocity and LOVE them. Our number is porting today, and have had nothing but excellent support and service from Vocalocity.

Their service is so good that they recorded our auto attendant, voice mail and busy greeting for us, for free! They are all about customer service and it shows! I can't recommend them enough! I can't wait to say good by to Vonage!

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