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Dan Nunley

Excellent advice all around Chuck. I too can remember my consumer bankruptcy practice with most of the issues that you mention including my small children sleeping on the floor while my wife and I worked late.


One of your better posts, Chuck.

Patrick H. Stiehm

You say in this post that you get to be a lawyer. I think all of us that practice this way can also say we get to be more complete human beings.

Craig Niedenthal

Great post Chuck. Very inspirational and thoughtful. I have been a similar route. Haven't completely gone home office yet, but in retrospect maybe should have considered a complete home office. So far this solo thing is going well so will keep moving in that direction. Although convinced i will never go back to something big and unmanageable.

Tracy Coenen

Hear, hear, Chuck. I opened my forensic accounting practice 9 years ago. About three years into it I started hiring staff. And regretted it. All the administrative junk took away from what I love to do: investigate fraud.

So I went back in the other direction and have been solo ever since. I have no plans to "grow" my firm in the traditional ways, although I have plans for plenty of revenue growth. I receive a lot of push-back from colleagues on this idea, and sometimes even feel that they look upon me as a failure.

Oh well. They can deal with teaching 20-somethings what proper work attire is, figuring out what to do when the receptionist calls in sick but we all know she was just out partying last night, and searching for affordable health insurance for everyone. Ick. I'll stick to my solo practice and doing the work that I love.

Oh... and the common statement I hear? "Well you just need to find the right person to do all those administrative things for you."

Uh-huh. Good luck with that.

Happy solo practice!

Victor Medina

Chuck - always interested to hear your perspective. I wonder, though, whether the "growth requires cash" tenet still holds true if you use technology to your advanatage. Specifically, I'm thinking about the VLO Tech project. I'm realizing now that you mentioned growing a "traditional" large law firm, but I'm wondering what your thoughts are about growing a large non-traditional law firm..?

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