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Stephanie Kimbro

I've also run into resistance from even tech-savvy attorneys to my virtual law office. In my humble opinion, there is room in this profession for more than one method of practicing law as long as the technology used protects the general public we are serving and provides some benefit to the legal profession, whether that be an improved work/life balance or increased law practice revenues or both.

Adam Schachter

Since I'm likely the person Chuck mentions when talking about needing to get a feel for a client in person, let me also point out that I do not think virtual practices are a bad idea at all. I also wore a powder blue leisure suit in 1976, but I was 6 at the time and my parents made me do it.

My point is that for MY core BK practice, **I** want to see people face to face b/c I feel like I distinguish myself from my competition by selling hope, kindness and a personal service that would be inconsistent with never having face to face discussions. Also, my greatest joy as a BK practitioner is taking stress and pain away from folks, so maybe I'm being selfish that I want to feel that love in person.

I think our reputation as a profession is bad enough and that client face time, in many practice areas, is crucial to good client relations.

The work I do with Chuck, which is a statewide practice that does not really have a need for client face time is well suited to the virtual law office. I could do that work with a laptop and phone connection anywhere in the world if I wanted to.

Overall I just think it's a personal choice. I want happy clients who love me and feel cared for and want to send me more clients. I am best at facilitating that love by spending a lot of time with them. Others may be able to accomplish that goal in other ways.


Chris Hill

I like the blog. Going virtual is inevitable for smaller firms in my opinion.


It will require someone getting burned really bad to shape the virtual law firm idea into a realistic practice type. Like everything else, it will take the loss of much money, and perhaps a few law licenses, to realize the limite of practicality as well. Aside from that, I welcome the opportunity to streamline my methods, as long as it doesn't drive the price down and make it impossible to make a living.


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