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Lawyers are subject to the laws of supply and demand, just like any other profession. Philip K. Howard can put that in his pipe and smoke it.
As far as having "too much law" goes, I guess Philip doesn't "get" the law, and I actually wouldn't be surprised if he were a lawyer. I would rather have a lot of good law than any amount of bad law. We can reduce the actual number number of laws by passing simple and straightforward laws. Rather than having a law requiring labels on strollers we can simply have a single law that condemns those directly or indirectly causing a child's injury to be put to death by hanging. Now THERE'S a LAW! It satisfies the bright-line "Common Sense Test", because if anything injuring a child shows a lack of common sense, and there is very little chance of clouding the stream with excess dialogue over what is what.
Being members of a civilization based on the rule of law we can't expect much from a guy who categorically condemns law. I used to be irritated by guys like this, but the more of them I see the more I am convinced that what they are selling is fear. People are afraid of lawyers, and Philip is making money reinforcing that fear.
Good for him. Make a lot of money Phil. I hope he's not a school teacher. If he teaches everybody to be afraid of lawyers then just about anybody will be able to pick on his poor students and they might end up being more afraid of the justice system than the crooks and bullies that beat them up otherwise. I would call that a negative.


Carlos Leyva


This is another excellent post. Hopefully we can help educate the masses about what the "rule of law" means and why it is important in their daily lives. There is a strong argument that the rule of law was an important component of the American economic miracle. Needless to say, that "miracle" is in more or less in shambles at the moment, but clearly not because of too many lawyers or too much law. As you argue quite eloquently, it is the absence of law that helped cause this mess.

Keep on posting in the free world.

Chuck Cochran

Chuck: I followed this link from a twit that GrantG put up. I am glad that I did since I will now follow your blog. I am a Labor and Employment lawyer and I see first hand what companys are willing to do to their employees. Many corporations have no heart and no soul being solely geared to profit. Absent Law and the implementers of Law this Country's "worker" would be at the mercy of the unmerciful. I would be wrong to say that all Companys fall into this catagory but even if it is just a few Attorneys have a definite role in this Society. Law gave us our unions which between the two of them helped to set standards which protect the weak and that itself is a worthwhile endeavor. My father was a West Virginia coal miner and lived and worked in the mines for over 20 years before moving to Ohio. The stories which I grew up hearing of the conditions these men worked under and the way they were treated has been the subject of bookcases of writing. We have information on how the absence of the "rule of law" impacts the common man right in front of us and within a generation of where we are today. We are needed and if it means that a few extra warning labels go on a product then I still say we are well worth this inconvenience. Besides, if the warning label keeps one parent from closing their child up in a stroller I think the rest of us can live with the label. I still find myself upset by the Mr. Howard's of our world and probably always will be. To be fair I did not read his book but assuming your read is accurate I really do not want to. Would the world be better without lawyers is not the question but rather the world would be better if there were no need for us. If everyone in this world acted fairly and justly it would certainly cut down the need for law. But that is not going to happen and attacking the gatekeepers does not make this world a better place just a more dangerous place for the weak and those unable to defend themselves. Thank you for taking the time to write your article as I find it timely and of great importance. chuck cochran

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