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There should be more public law schools to make a legal education affordable for all that want to join the profession. However, the soaring costs must be dealt with otherwise the shool will just raise their rates and become about as expensive as the private law schools; which is currenty happening.

Brian Cuban

Maybe you should offer out of your pocket guaranteed employment ,competitive salary and a pay off the student loansof all those unable to find jobs within 1 year of graduation. Your solution reeks of non-practical "politco speak" blind to the realities of the legal market.

Corinne A. Tampas

So Brian Cuban thinks there are too many lawyers! Really? And just why are you, Chuck Newton, suppose to guarantee full employment for lawyers?

In spite of all the discussion on this site and other blogs re attorney marketing, I would venture to say that the real reason we became lawyers was that we wanted to do interesting work and, whether admittedly or not, wanted to help people. Sure, we want to feed ourselves and our families, put a roof over our heads, and enjoy a few comforts, but for the vast majority of lawyers, the practice of law is a calling.

While I do not want to use your site as a venue for a pissing match with someone I never heard of until I read your entry, I would respectfully suggest that Mr. Cuban simply chill. Moreover, as a former Philadelphia Lawyer, which legal community has a very excellent pro bono program and is, by the way, in the same Commonwealth where Mr. Cuban received his public education, I would urge Mr. Cuban to donate some legal services to his new community in Texas. — A little less self-involvement would do Mr. Cuban the world of good.

Brian Cuban

A Pa attorney telling me what I should or should not be opining on in my city. A city I have lived in over 20 years. How much time have you spent in Dallas? A Pa attorney opining on what I have done or have not done in my city in the pro-bono area. That is so bizzare as to be classifed as idiotic. At least Mr. Newton lives in this state.

A little less idiotic self righteous involvement in matters you know nothing about might do you some good. You have no credibility.

Brian Cuban

One more thing and I will move on. I also find it ignorant presumption for Mr.Newton to be opining on how much money I have or do not have and telling me what I should do with it.

Worry about your own finances and philanthropic endeavors. Unless we met in a bar and I drunkenly gave you my history(before I stopped drinking) I feel safe in stating that you know nothing about me and have no credibility in that area.


Of course I know nothing about Mr. Brian Cuban other than what I have read of his bio and postings online. I know nothing of his brother, Mark Cuban, for whose endeavors he works, other than what I have read over the years in the public media. In that Mr. Brian Cuban is correct. However, I never suggested that I either knew or opined about how much money Mr. Brian Cuban has. I do not know. What I suggested was that much of The Cuban Companies success was due in no small part to the support of Dallas and its institutions. I found it odd, therefore, that anybody associated with the Cuban companies and endeavors would care not to support the City of Dallas, UNT, and high education authorities and the Texas Legislature, all of which support this law school and believe it necessary, with their support. Everybody who has read anything about Mark Cuban and his endeavors knows what a great benefactor he is and his companies represent. Certainly, these enterprises include Mr. Brian Cuban on some level. My only suggestion was that the Cuban Brothers should alter the criticism of this law school, and support it through charitable contributions. I did say the "Cuban brothers" should do this, and I probably should have said the Cuban companies and endeavors should do this, of which Mr. Brian Cuban plays some roll. Now, that is not a demand. That is not an attempt to embarrass or cast dispersions. I am sure the Cuban endeavors get request for money and donations every single day. Most they cannot or do not care to fulfill. I did not say it should come out of Mr. Brian Cuban's pocket. It is obvious that the Cubans do what they want. But, I was not stating this for me, or my benefit, or the benefit of anybody associated with me. I have no connection to UNT or this law school. I merely suggested what better priority could there be than to support one of DFW's great institutions -- UNT -- whose students and staff have probably, if indirectly, given so much to the Cuban organizations, such as fans of the Mavs.

And, I do worry about my own finances and philanthropic endeavors. As any reader of this blog knows, my oldest daughter is in the JD/MBA program at UH, I have two children in college, and one more that will start college soon. I do suffer from mal-tuition. As difficult as it has been to provide my children the best, the only recourse we have had is to stick to state universities and law schools. I know for example, there are not enough public law school seats. As a result, they are the most competitive. If my daughter had not graduated in the upper 2% of her graduating class at UT Austin, she would not be a state law school. Then her tuition and costs would be almost 3 times what they are now, and she and I have a hard time meeting the state tuition and fees.

Brian Cuban

The point I was trying to make was not that Dallas or Texas for that matter should not have a another state law school. It was that now is not the time. While the percentages of people who recognize opportunities outside fo the law with their degree are on the increase, The majority of people who enter law school do so wanting and expecting to be lawyers. I challenge you to show me stats indicating otherwise. We will be providing low cost legal education to whose who will come out unable to find employment as lawyers and end up working at the Gap unable to pay back their school loans. If you think this is not happening more and more you are either naive or blind to the developing legal employment crisis. At this point in time a new state law school is "fools gold".

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