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I sure hope they make reading a newspaper online as easy and convenient as actually reading a paper copy before they do away with them. As it is, reading a paper online is a tedious and unpleasant chore. When they design web pages for newspapers that let your eyes scan as much information as they can on a paper page then it will no longe be a waste of my time to read the paper online. It doubles the time it takes to read it, and aggravates the hell out of me having to click from one web page to the next, missing all the stuff in the corners I had ready eye access to in the print version.
Before we get rid of newspapers we need to come up with something that works as well, and I have not yet seen an online paper that does that. WSJ is about half way there, but half way is not even close.
And oh yes, I know. Third wave, new world, up with the times, and all that,... but should I have to sit in a workstation to read a print paper, or am I a fogey if I want to sit in the kitchen, next to the sink, where there's grease and water and I wouldn't take my laptop? Maybe the time I spend reading the paper in my kitchen will give me an advantage over the guy who has to go turn on his computer and sit at his desk to read it. Don't get me wrong. I have very little paper sitting around. My entire law school education (so far) is stashed safely away in my hard drive(s), but let's at least leave the option open to read a print paper, or at least not condemn it as a wasteful enterprise. It is not.
This is not a rebuttal to your post, Chuck, but an expression of my concern over the prospect of having to read the paper in what I consider an inferior form.
As an aside, as well, I know you work mainly in the federal courts where most communication is electronic, but there are many jurisdictions where that hasn't happened, and won't for a while.
Must be nice.


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