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I may not be the former Supreme Allied Commander, but I do, among some friends, have the nickname "The General".

Great post Chuck. I'm coming around to not thinking of finding a niche as a task or goal, but rather an adventure. I definitely do not lack in intellectual curiosity as I'm sure my internet browsing history could attest. Eyes wide open, I figure I'll keep looking until I find the right fit. And even when I find the right fit, who knows? Maybe I can still find a better fit.

My mom told me a while back that still, to this day, she doesn't know what she wants to be when she grows up. And she's been a school teacher and administrator for 15+ years and has loved it!

Scott Palmer

Truly great stuff, thanks for walking me through the process of niche evaluation! You know, you could probably create a service of finding and evaluation niches...


You know, I've always thought my curiosity would prevent me from finding a niche because I want to do a little bit of everything. The word "niche" resounds in my soul more like the words "routine" or "groove" which are only a few repetitions away from "rut" and are thus to be avoided at all costs.

I'm going to contemplate a few of the niche ideas you've posted--thanks!

Andrew Flusche

Great post, Chuck! Incredible, actually.

My main worry with a tight niche is that all your eggs are in one basket. What happens when that market dries up? You're toast, unless you can scramble to quickly find another niche. But if you've positioned yourself well in Niche A, you will have branded that into people's minds. It would be hard to change the mental association.

Maybe I'm paranoid. (Is someone watching me?)


@Andrew...Those are reasonable concerns, IMO. I would expect the solo to be in tune with possible paradigm shifts within or relating to their niche. Certainly, from time to time, pure innovation will render a service much less valuable. But hopefully the active third wave solo will be able to foresee the shift and adapt themselves.

I believe that is a risk of doing business. Sometimes you need to evolve, regardless of your choice of practice area. It can cost money, time and other resources. But I believe it can be done. Businesses often retool and reposition. I think you can explain that story to people and they will understand it. Sure, takes a little energy. But what'd be the upside if it just all fell in your lap? :)

Account Deleted

this post perfectly elaborate niche evaluation.
niche is all around us and it is amazing source of earning lot of money
great post:)

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