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Jerry Bartholomew

Read this while wearing a pocket tee, navy shorts, and crew socks--Chuck, you're resonating over here. But then I did just come back from biking with the dog who will be taking his place under my desk as soon as he stops panting. Another home office bonus.

Andrew Flusche

I'm with you 100%, Chuck. I try to schedule meetings and court appearances on the same days, so I only have to wear a suit a few times per week. On the other days, it's casual as can be. Heck, I change out of my suit as soon as I'm done with court for the day.

Now it's time to find some comfy shorts to put on. :)

Andrew Flusche

What a coincidence, Jerry. The cat is sleeping at my elbow, and I'll be heading out for a bike ride in a couple hours. Heck yeah!

Miriam Robeson

I agree that comfort should be important in the home office environment and I certainly agree that "your mileage may vary," (meaning what works for me may not work for you). However, I dress for my office differently than I dress for my garden, and I take the time to change clothing to suit what I'm doing (one of the great luxuries of working from home).

For me, nice blue jeans and a collared shirt help me set a comfortable-yet-not-unprofessional tone in the office that bunny slippers just can't attain. Dressing for the office differently than I dress for the garden helps me focus on my work a little better. If I feel more professional in my appearance, I think that I act more like a lawyer(and spend less time playing video games or in Second Life, and more time actually working).

Another reason for my choice of dress is that I receive clients in my home office. It's not unusual for them to drop by without warning, which is why I also keep slip-on shoes handy. Might endanger some of that lawyerly respect if I answered the door in the aforementioned bunny slippers.

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