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Peter Olson

Where do you place the consumers of legal education in the blame equation? I've never followed the "tiers" much myself but do hear about them a lot from colleagues so I'm assuming it was a driving factor in their law school choice.

Chuck Newton

That is the crazy part, is it not Peter? I am not sure any great percentage of potential law students follow the rankings, and those that do are the type of opportunist you probably do not want as lawyers. If you did away with the rankings tomorrow, everybody would still have the top 10 law schools or so as their dream school. There are regional law school preferences that everyone prefers. In Texas, for example, everyone wants to go to The University of Texas Law School first. To me it is like those dumb "Super Lawyer" ad and ranking gimmicks. It is all in the lawyer's head. I cannot imagine they make a difference as to most clients, business or consumer. Yet, this practice is huge. Law schools, like some lawyers, want matrix so as to compare themselves to other law schools. Then they do not like the ranking. Then they spend inordinate amounts of time and money trying to cure that without considering what is being ranked. It is just enormously silly. In the case of legal education is is destructive and abusive. And that is really the point of the my post.


The "super lawyer" ratings certainly serve the purpose of driving up the price of that lawyer's services. Whether or not it makes that lawyer more or less in demand is a good question. There are other ways, however, to verify a lawyer's broad experience and lack of being disciplined. In theory you should be able to ask her and get an honest, non-misleading answer.
Here's me again, checking in to express my overwhelming satisfaction with my T3 alma mater on the Northern Plains. I am not sure how closely the administration watched the rankings, but I am grateful no major changes had been made to accommodate a national news magazine. That only makes sense to me, mostly because I cannot cite the magazine in an academic writing, and I do not generally reference the magazine as a major source of news. I do not know who owns the magazine and I do not know who is on the board of directors, although I am sure I could find out. The specific means of creating a ranking is kept secret as well, so therefore altogether absurd. Here's me again, grateful to the powers that be for keeping the faith and resisting the rankings.

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