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Sam Glover

You realize the information in that article comes from AT&T, right? It is a puff piece, nothing more.


I wouldn't use it to judge the AT&T network.

Steve Henry

To be fair, I think that what Apple iPhone users are so happy with is not only the great product design, but the user experience design, something most phones lack (not including Android, though).

I agree with you, Chuck, that Apple fanatics are far too concentrated on outward design, as well as the company and its products' "pretty girl" status. But I do not agree with your assumption that in order to have function you must completely neglect outward design. Apple products are some of the easiest to use products out there. So while the iPhone may be a little bit too "pretty girl" for many, and I entirely understand that, it would not be accurate to say that in order to have this you must not have usability and ease of use.

Don't get me wrong, Andoid is a very well designed and easy to use mobile operating system.

But simply because Android is does not mean that the iPhone isn't .

Finis Price

Not to mention the NYT theory does not explain why Blackberry users also find they can't connect or get dropped from calls using AT&T. Such connection problems for other smartphones can't be attributed to
the iPhone's inferior hardware.

Finis Price

Not to mention, as John Gruber, says, "If it’s the iPhone’s fault, not AT&T’s, why aren’t iPhone users around the world having the same problems as those here in the U.S.?"

GREAT point.

Ben Callicoat

Chuck --

Another great post. Gotta disagree slightly, though.

But first a caveat: I'm an Apple convert -- in a past life I was a systems administrator in a Novell/PC/Windows shop where I had never so much as touched an Apple Macintosh.

A couple of years ago, though, a client gave me a rather generous Christmas gift and on a lark I bought my first Mac.

Today, I'm on my 2nd Mac and I'm seriously hoping that my wife will take the many hints I'm dropping about wanting an iPhone.

Certainly Apple is not perfect, but my 3 years of experience has been wonderful. I'll never buy another clunky Windows machine again.

I've looked at the Android phones as well. And I have to say that the designs remind me of something from the old Soviet Union -- clunky, clumsy and outdated from the get-go.

(Although I hate to say this, because I'm also a Google fanboy too.)

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