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mack j.

how about just basing acceptance on achievement not skin color

Judy Young

how about not letting skin color drive one's perception of achievement.

Chuck Newton

Here is a thing about the skin color argument, law schools right now do not much consider skin color. Yet, GPAs and LSAT scores are rising among African-Americans and Mexican-Americans. Almost every student is selected presently on "Merit". There are probably more so-called "legacy" acceptances than there are affirmative action acceptances. So, there is something more systemic in our system as to why his is happening. We have got to get to the bottom of it. We probably know it has to deal with poverty and level of wealth. We have known for some time that wealthier kids are the ones getting into law schools. And, it is no secret that African-American and Mexican-American kids have a larger percentage of poverty. And, then the issue about "merit" is what constitutes "merit". It is all relative, is it not. Are you going to judge someone that that graduates number one in his class in some rural environment with someone that graduates number one from The University of Texas, for example? The same for intercity schools and institutions. It is fine for white kids, from middle class and up backgrounds to feel victimized by only achieving 90% or higher of most law school entering classes. But, this lack of diversity is not good for anybody, much less society. The only truly racially diverse law schools in this country are the historically black law schools. This is because they are typically taking over half of their classes these days from non-African Americans.

Lesly Carmen Longa

Wow, that is shocking. I am a Cuban-American attorney, but did not disclose my ethnicity on law school applications. I chose "other." I received a scholarship too. After law school I had a tough time finding a job and was told to remove activities like the Latin American Law Students Association from my resume. It helped. No more interviews where I was asked what generation American I was (first was never the answer they expected from someone without an accent & I just couldn't stop myself from answering)...

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