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Victor Medina

Yeah, but how do you get cable tv into it? And where is the sofa for naptime? Plus, that looks like an awfully long way to walk when it's raining.

Terrible idea.... :)


$25,000 seems a bit steep for this thing. It looks cool, but couldn't you build-to-suit a similar sized shed or for less than that?

I DO like the design.

It would be interesting to get several of these, organize them around a central courtyard, and rent them out as a coworking facility. Set up a water cooler, coffee machine, restroom, and a few other amenities, and you'd really have something.

OR, how about putting one of these on the back of a flatbed truck, so you have a mobile office...

The possibilities are limited only by the imagination.

Mike Gort

Sure hope the Pod has AC. August and September in Central Florida would not be pleasant!


Julie A. Fleming

I love the idea of this. It's an isolated office away from the distractions of the home. Many lawyers I know who work from home complain that it takes them much longer to complete tasks than it did when they worked from an office--kids, pets, the home phone, and easy sources of entertainment all beg for attention. Also, when you work from home, you often feel like you are at work all of the time and don't have set work hours. An office like this allows for the feeling of leaving the house to go to an office where all you do is work, and then once you leave it to go back to your house, you're done for the day.

At the same time, I do agree that the price seems awfully steep. I bet you could easily build a similar set-up, perhaps from a shed or detached garage, for a much lower price.

Paul at Wooden Doors

I think that this is really pretty amazing. I've been working at a home as a freelancer for a few months now. I'm trying to surf the net for different setups of home work stations and this is really something new. It's like working away from home, away from the distractions, but you really are still home. I've been customizing my workstation room for a few days now. Bought a desk, some furnitures, chairs and trying to look with these Wooden Doors that I could use.

Home Decorating Ideas

Myself being a professional blogger understands the value of a good place to work. Working from home is good, but distractions comes every now and then. Hence having an office like this in the pool-side under a tree is just an awesome idea.

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